Indie Collaborates Has a New Look

We’re so excited to announce that Indie Collaborates has a new look! Our company has grown and evolved in the past 5 years, and we felt that it was time for a change. We believe that the new look better matches what we have become: a trusted and long-standing influencer marketing agency who pays precise attention to every client’s needs.


When it came to the design of our logo, we strived to find something that appeared crisp, approachable and friendly so that our visual identity is conveyed at first glance. We feel that the new logo has a modern yet fun feel, something that is also reflected across all assets.


Aside from our new logo, we’re also proud to introduce our new website! The new design was the culmination of 12-months of planning, outlining, testing, design and copywriting work. Boasting a clean design and intuitive navigation system, the site will provide you with an elevated experience whether you view it on desktop or mobile. We also made sure to improve menu functionality so that it directs you to information most relevant to you.

We’ve also introduced a whole new range of content to the website, including a page on Case Studies that feature previous campaigns we have proudly worked on. Our Blog page has also received a much-needed facelift and going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through our all the blog posts we have lined up for you. Additionally, the site features new sign up forms for both Clients and Influencers to contact us, and in doing so have made the process of joining the Indie Community easy and seamless.

This identity is more than a design makeover, instead, we believe that it is a truer representation of who we are as a brand. We’re really proud of our new website and we hope that you like the changes as well. Check out the new website here.