Running a Successful Campaign

Running a successful campaign on social media may not sound too difficult but having a successful one isn’t all that easy. Based on our observations of the various campaigns on which we’ve worked, we’ve come up with a short how-to summary!


  1. Decide on a campaign goal

Would you like to collect valuable customer data to set up a database in an untapped market? What about increase activity and engagement on your social channels? Or, perhaps, you’re launching a new product or service and you’d like to create some hype about it.

From raising awareness for your brand’s key messages (e.g. sustainability), to driving traffic to your company’s website, coming up with a clear goal is fundamental for your campaign.


  1. Plan how you’d like to execute the campaign

Based on your goal, the key deliverables needed for the execution of your campaign would be vastly different. If the aim is to educate your viewers, utilising how-to video tutorials would be the best strategy.

Depending on your goals, the CTAs adopted for the best plan will vary. We find that swipe-up links on IG Stories are highly effective. They can drive traffic to your site’s landing page for customers to read up about your brand or product. Alternatively, they might lead to a survey, on which they leave their particulars, so you can collect valuable data. You might also link a sales page, on which the audience can make a direct purchase.

* We’ve noticed that before-and-after photo comparisons only work if the before and after images show noticeable results (e.g. for skincare related products). Some comparisons have limited credibility if changes are not visually obvious, or are due to differences in lighting.

** Also, URL links in captions are highly ineffective; they are un-clickable, and it’s too much trouble for your audience to enter it in a browser.


  1. Engage the right influencers

While maximising engagement and reach is of utmost importance in any campaign, engaging influencers that appeal to your target audience’s demographics (i.e. gender, age group) is crucial for ensuring the success of your campaign.

Some influencers excel in video-uploads while others do better at stories. Be sure to speak with us – we will guide you on the strengths of each influencer, based on our intel from and research over the past years.


With those three steps in mind, a final point to note is: allow influencers to be organic. At the end of the day, content is uploaded onto the KOLs’ own social media feeds. They know what kind of content their followers love best. Imposing too many content-related restrictions on them might actually hurt the campaign!


Over at Indie Collaborates, building trust with audiences and coming up with a brand story are our priority. We don’t believe in scattered, aggressive sales posts as those don’t translate well into conversions.

Have an upcoming campaign you need planned? We’d be happy to help; reach out to us today!