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We Are A Full Service One Stop Agency

Together with our strong community of influencers and our profound expertise in Asia, we help guide clients through each stage of the influencer marketing process, ensuring their experience is streamlined, fast, effective and results driven.

How It Works

How We Work

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1. Creative Strategy

We create strategies to help clients meet their influencer marketing KPIs using creativeness and good storytelling.

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2. Influencer Identification

Our community gives you access to a wide range of influencers across a variety of platforms, with a strong focus in Asia.

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3. Influencer Outreach & Campaign Management

Using our expertise, we manage the campaign and facilitate all aspects of the influencer-client relationship

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4. Campaign Reporting

We track progress, measure and report performance. Throughout the campaign, we ensure campaign goals are met and the brief is on track.

Case Studies

Clients Success Stories

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Case launch for Huawei China

Influencer Marketing

Campaign Objective

Launch of new OtterBox phone case for Huawei devices in China. Create awareness surrounding launch and drive interest in the brand using a strong mix of prominent KOL’s in China.

Posts on Weibo

  • Creator Posts


  • Creator Images and Videos


  • Combined Followers


  • Post Views


  • Shares


  • Engagement (%)


  • Likes and Comments



  • Post views


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I really want to buy this phone case, especially the transparent colour. The function of preventing smash shockproof is suitable for me, I would definitely buy one for my Huawei.

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L’Essential Foundation

Influencer Marketing

Campaign Objective

Create awareness and drive sales surrounding the launch of the new L'Essential Foundation by Guerlain.


  • Creator Posts


  • Combined Followers


  • Total Reach


  • Total Impressions


  • Total Engagement


  • Engagement Rate (%)


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Influencer Marketing

Campaign Objective

Launch to market the new Airwrap, create awareness and drive sales.


  • Creator Posts


  • Combined Followers


  • Total Reach


  • Total Impressions


  • Total Engagement


  • Engagement Rate (%)



Product sold out.


Does it catch the hair by itself? Or do you have to clip the tip of the hair then roll

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What They Are Saying

It’s been a joy to work with Indie Collaborates. We really appreciate the simple and concise briefs they provide and how they understand that content creators need to maintain creative control over the visuals they produce. It’s been slightly over a year since our partnership with Indie began, and we look forward to many more years ahead.

Melissa Koh
INLUENCER: @melissackoh

I'm always going back to Indie Collaborates for any influencer campaign because they are excellent to work with.

They helped us significantly in influencer management and are experts in this field. What I like the most is that they always go above and beyond to ensure a successful campaign!

Vanessa Lin
AGENCY: Initiative

“My work family ❤ Tailoring all campaigns alongside me to ensure that we create curated content that is on brand but true to my lifestyle and preferences. Always open to my crazy ideas and brand direction, my work life is a lot more organised with them spearheading client discussions.”

Christabel Chua
INFLUENCER: @bellywellyjelly

“We’ve had a stellar experience working with Indie Collaborates, who have been exceptionally responsive and flexible, even with short campaign lead-times. Vanessa has gone above and beyond in fulfilling our clients’ requests each time and is always recommending the right KOLs for different campaigns – always a pleasure working with her and the team. Will not hesitate to work with Indie for future campaigns!”

Edwina Lim
AGENCY: Tribal Worldwide Singapore


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