10 Singaporean TikTok Influencers to Keep Your Eye On

TikTok has been established as the up-and-coming social media app, with funny skits and dance routines helping us pass the days of self-isolation. Here are a few of the Singaporean influencers that caught our eye:

*As of June 2020

10 Singaporean Influencers To Keep An Eye On

For makeup and beauty-related content, Diani (@badgaldidiiii) and Nancy (@nancylnnn) have got it covered. While Diani is sassy and brings out her character with her bold makeup style, Nancy is on the sweeter side with a quirky personality to match. Meanwhile, both Jun Jie (@_jun_jie_) and Brian (@calisbrian) are fitness-centric accounts mainly focusing on Calisthenics.

If you’re looking for light-hearted and funny videos, this area is dominated by Jessica (@jimmy12345_jim), Luke (@look_lee_) and Yan (@panda_ate_yan).

We also have familiar faces on TikTok, such as Pei Shi (@speishi_), Melissa (@melissackoh) and Audrey (@tipsytoess). With Circuit Breaker happening over the past month, they have taken to TikTok to entertain themselves as well as create more engaging content for their followers. Even though their follower count is smaller than what they have on Instagram, we are sure it’ll catch up soon due to their regular video uploads.