22 ways to love yourself in ‘22

Valentine’s day is creeping around the corner and you’re either looking forward to a romantic extravagant date or waiting for the day to be over. Maybe this year it’s time to show love to the most important person, yourself. We understand that practicing self-love may be challenging to some of us during tough times or even seen as a luxury with our hectic schedules. However, self-love is essential in supporting one’s physical, psychological, and spiritual growth! Self-love is key to your mental health and keeps depression and anxiety at bay.


So do yourself a favour, take a deep breath, give yourself a little hug and try these:

1.Start your day by meditating for two minutes. Close your eyes and breathe!

2. Buy yourself fresh flowers.

3. Clean your house or apartment.

4. Organize your workspace and files

5. Each night before bed write in your gratitude journal.

6. Make it a priority to get eight hours of sleep.

7. Read a good book.

8. Do something for yourself without guilt.

9. Treat yourself and buy something you’ve always wanted.

10. Practice the art of saying “no.”

11. Be of service — volunteer, help a friend, etc.

12. Compliment someone today.

13. Get your sweat on. Go for a hike or long walk.

14. Smile:)

15. Try something new: dance classes, cooking lessons, yoga.

16. Call your mom and tell her you love her (or your dad, sister, etc.).

17. Snuggle up with your honey or four-legged friend.

18. Allow yourself to have that piece of chocolate and savour every minute.

19. Shut off your email and cellphone for an hour.

20. Self-love mantra: “I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.”

21. Let go of comparison to others.

22. Write a love letter to your ex and burn it.

We hope that this year, you’ll give yourself the love you deserve. Remember the most important relationship in life is the relationship with yourself 😉