8 Rising Male Influencers in Singapore

Looking for a new male influencer for your marketing campaign or simply looking for a new Key opinion leader (KOL) to keep up with the trendy male lifestyle? Indie Collaborates got your back as we’ll be giving a quick rundown on some of our favourites right here in Singapore!


Danil Palma

We’re starting off the list with Danil Palma, you have to follow him for beautiful wanderlust pictures as well as fitness inspiration to keep you motivated to hit the gym!

Glenn Goh

Step up your fashion game with Glenn, his style and fashion fits will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone.

Alfred Sng

Alfred is not only an amazing singer but a creative individual too, follow him for some creative outfit inspiration!


Benjamin Toh

Benjamin is an all-rounded KOL, trust us and check him out you’re bound to find the content you’ll love 😉



Edwin is a professional architect and a Fitness inspiration influencer! His thorough knowledge in fitness will have you keeping tabs on his account for tips!



If you’re looking for a bubbly and charismatic influencer, Tyler is the go to person for you!



A PSA for all gamers to follow Keiji right now! Looking for new gaming equipment? Keiji got you with the best recommendations!

Aaron Lin

As a photographer, you can expect nothing less but images of his dapper outfits. One thing is for sure; it’s always a blessing to look through his feed!

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