Beauty Secrets with Sahur Saleim

Award-winning Singapore based makeup artist with an International fanbase of over 300,000 followers, Sahur Saleim shows no signs of slowing down! We had a chat with the beautiful and talented Sahur, who established a strong social media presence at the age of 23. Read on as Sahur spills her beauty secrets and drops hints about the launch of her very own cosmetic line, Sahur’s Art Beauty.

1. Your name?

Sahur Saleim.

2. People call you? 

Sahur Sart.


3. A typical day involves…?

We usually film and edit content for the Instagram page then work on brand-related stuff for Sahur’s Art Beauty which has been in the making for a long time now.

4. If you had to leave the house wearing just one beauty product…

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara

5. Skincare products; Splurge on? Save on?

I’d splurge on masks and essences! But for SPF and lip balm, I found so many great drugstore ones!

6. Favourite drug store skin care brands?

La Roche Posay

7. Favourite drug store make up brands?


8. Pet peeve in the beauty industry?

I can’t think of any in relation to the beauty industry, but people standing when I’m seated is a pet peeve 😂

9. What inspired @Sahursart & what can we expect from it in 2021?

My love for makeup artistry and content creation was what inspired me to pick this up as a career! I will be launching my very own cosmetic line this year- Sahur’s Art Beauty. So, you can expect exciting new products and many tutorials based on my products!


10. Matte lipstick or Lip gloss?

Matte Lipstick.

11. You’re in a taxi and have 5 mins to do a simple makeup look, what do you do?

I would slap on some powder foundation, mascara and touch of blush followed by a bold lip!

12. If you had to remove 1 beauty product/step from your makeup routine, what would it be?

Primer, I think moisturiser is sufficient prep for me as I have dry skin.

13. You’re backpacking around the world, and you can only pack 3 beauty products, what are they?

Moisturiser, SPF and Mascara

14. Best and worst beauty Trend?

Best: Glass skin

Worst: Squiggly Brows from 2018

15. Face serum, yes or no?


16. Beauty gurus to follow on YouTube?

Nikkie Tutorials!!!

17. If we looked in your handbag, what beauty items would we find?

Lip balm and lipstick!

18. Celebrity makeup crush?

Shay Mitchell.

19. Best beauty advice?

Less is more!

20. Life motto/ What do you live by?

Take it as it comes! Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

Sahur’s passion for her art is an inspiration to all of us, and we can’t wait to see what she has planned for Sahur’s Art Beauty in 2021!