Glowing with Zoen

Age really is just a number with Zoen – at 23, she’s finishing her fourth year in Med school, she has an established social media presence, and she owns her own skincare brand. With her latest Zyu Skincare launch being a huge success, we thought we’d check in with her to see what she’s been up to.

1. My name is… Zoen 🤍

2. People call me… I actually have no idea.. you tell me! 😉

3. My star sign is… Gemini ♊️

4. It suits me because… I’m an extroverted introvert.

5. I’m currently listening on repeat to… Heather by Conan Gray

6. It reminds me of… pure, innocent teenage love – gone are the days

7. I love to… take risks 🗝 (Why live a predictable life?)

8. I’ve been busy with… writing my research paper, revamping my skincare business and marriage preparation 😱

9. My biggest motivation is… that the future is now, and time and tide waits for no man. If it’s not crazy, I don’t want to do it 😆

10. I created Zyu because… I grew up with inspiring aestheticians around me, and I wanted to spread the knowledge of using the right skincare to help people around me be confident in their bare skin.

11. The toughest part about juggling med school and owning a skincare brand is… learning how to prioritise. When I want to rest – should I actually be resting?

12. After graduating, I intend to… remember the importance of a healthy work life balance.

13. The skincare product I love the most is… now loved by all of you. I really don’t have a favourite.. can’t be biased towards any of my children. @zyuskincare supporters, thank you for trusting me.

Zoen’s ambition and drive are truly inspirational. We can’t wait to see what other products are lined up for Zyu!