Influencer Marketing ROI – Get Your Happy Ending!


One thing we continue to hear concerning Influencer Marketing is “you can’t measure the ROI”. We have a slightly different opinion and we are committed to helping you get your Influencer Marketing budget approved.


We understand it’s no easy feat to get your CFO to sign off on your coveted Influencer Marketing campaign budget, we’ve been there……. in another life.

To work towards your happy ending, let’s determine your campaign objective; branding? messaging? sales? Who do you want to reach, where do you want people to go and how will they get there? Do you have a (realistic) target number of views in mind? Do you want people to sign up to something? Or buy something? Or start a conversation?

So many questions and we are here to help you discover the answers.


Ok, so campaign objectives have been discovered now let’s move on to the fun part where the story comes alive and takes you on an emotional journey; AKA – posting!

People are talking, hearts are tapped, and judgments are being made. But there is more to an influencer post then just the number of likes received. Read on to find out how the ending is the most important part of the story.


Everyone loves a happy ending, in this case, an in-depth report and the more numbers the better right!

Indie Collaborates provides you with an awe-inspiring report at the end of EVERY campaign – no matter how big or small. It’s what we pride ourselves on.

So how do we measure ROI?

In order to provide you with our report (as mentioned above), we have a very strict policy of obtaining the back-end result from every influencer post.

What we can measure:

  • Reach: how many people did the post reach
  • Impressions: how many times the post was seen
  • Engagement: how many times the post was liked, and comments made
  • Video Views: how many people viewed the video
  • Story Views: how many times people viewed the IG Story
  • Story Swipe Up Link: for influencers with over 10,000 followers, how many people swiped up on the IG Story taking them to the URL destination
  • Profile Views and Website Clicks (if you arrange a Link in Bio): how many people went to the influencers profile and clicked the URL link
  • Competition Entries: how many people entered the competition
  • Hashtag Creation: how many people interacted and posted/reposted using a unique hashtag

Holy STATS that’s good! But that’s not all:

With your help, we can also measure conversions. Working together with your IT department we can acquire extra stats to include in your report:

  • Website clicks (with a tracker): creating a you can track real-time click data
  • Unique Influencer Promotion Codes: allows you to track sales from individual influencers
  • Sign Up Call-To-Action (e.g. newsletter, blog, google doc form): using a unique URL to measure how many sign-ups were made from a post
  • Conversion Pixels: a tracking pixel is a way to monitor the user’s journey and conversion on a specific website

(note: due to security measures, measurement will only be trackable from the Brand side, Indie Collaborates can work together with your IT support staff if you would like these numbers included in our report)

So, getting that sign off won’t be so hard after all. If you need help putting together a proposal we are happy to share with you past case studies and example reports, to give you (and your Direct Reports) an idea of what to expect. We also know how to influence behaviors 🙂