Let’s Talk Content Pillars

Let's Talk Content Pillars

Ever wondered if there are tools to guide your social content direction and conception? We have some in mind, so let’s talk about content pillars, shall we!

A video can’t cover it all! And what do we mean by that? Given the short-form nature of social media content, videos that are any longer than a minute or even 30 seconds, depending on your audience habits, lose attention in a jiffy. 

Imagine having to cover a dramatic monologue, while spreading a lighthearted message with an informative call-to-action. There’s just so much juxtaposition in that one sentence! 

This is why content pillars are so crucial in molding a specific content objective and sticking to it with full conviction. A content pillar can ensure that your messaging is aligned, reinforced and not confused, in order to be effective enough to resonate with your audience. 

Content Pillar #1 – Informative; Educative 

Some campaigns demand more targeted and carefully detailed messaging than others. This type of content typically sticks with those who are information-seekers before they make their purchase or lifestyle decisions. 

The goal is to convince your audience using logic and reasoning backed up with research. Hence, this content type demands text-heavy covers, loaded with data and supported by credible claims from experts. 

Let’s Talk Content Pillars


Content Pillar #2 – Motivational; Inspirational 

Have you ever seen a film or ad that speaks to your heart? Motivates you to make a change in your life actions and outlook? 

This type of content drives emotional connect and association with universal feelings or aspirations that we as humans can relate to. Successful pieces involve storytelling, a personable character that shares a slice of life with the audience. 

Let’s Talk Content Pillars

Content Pillar #3 – Lighthearted; Comedic 

This one’s for our innate meme creators and viral artists who have a taste of humor. Although the goal for this type of campaign may not be as clear as the previous pillars, in terms of convincing purchases or changing behaviours, its impact can be twice as memorable and powerful. 

More often we do remember the notions that make us laugh and hence, they stick in our memory for longer periods of time while creating positive affiliations with the brand or product. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Let’s Talk Content Pillars