TikTok or Instagram, Which Would You Use?

Social media is an important part of many people’s lives, you either love it or loathe it and wherever you stand there seems to be no avoiding it. As a marketer it’s vital to keep up-to-date on the rapidly evolving digital landscape. In today’s world, one would not be remiss in suggesting that TikTok rivals Instagram’s popularity, especially during recent Covid-19 global lockdowns. But what exactly differs between the 2 social media apps and if you were a marketer, who should you go with?


TikTok is a popular video platform allowing users to watch clips, and create up to 60 seconds of footage mainly based around dancing, comedy skits, and lip-syncing.

  • 800 million monthly users worldwide, with total downloads over 1.5 billion
  • 70% of users are aged between 16-24
  • Average of 52 mins a day on the platform



Primarily a platform for sharing pictures, you can also upload videos on Instagram using IGTV as well as film short clips on IG stories.

  • Roughly 1 billion monthly users worldwide
  • 49.5% of users are aged between 25-44, with almost an equal split between genders 
  • Average of 28 mins a day on the platform


*Statistics taken from Talking Influence and Oberlo (for Tiktok and Instagram)

Tik Tok or Instagram
Which Would You Choose?

Compared to Instagram, a tried and tested method with easy to measure direct campaign results, TikTok’s lack of success measurement has marketers hesitating to expand their marketing efforts onto this viral video-sharing app. Industry experts also claim that the lack of understanding of the platform and content fit seems to be the reason why marketers are holding back from engaging TikTok’s marketing services.

Also, as most of TikTok’s audience tends to be under 18, it may not be appropriate for all brands to use this social media platform. TikTok influencers are young, which makes them relatable to its users. However, for brands looking to promote to a slightly older audience, with perhaps a higher disposable income, Instagram is probably a better option. Keeping this in mind, brands still need to recruit Gen Z audiences and a popular way to do this is through a TikTok hashtag challenge.  It is a great idea for brands to start collaborating with TikTok creators to gain a stronger following via their own account. Something they can then use to market to this generation.

All in all in our opinion, Instagram is the polished more sophisticated app for brands to use for their influencer marketing needs. However TikTok is growing in popularity and certainly should not be ignored, especially when Instagram’s audience is starting to mature. By ignoring TikTok, you could be falling behind and missing out on great marketing opportunities. Although brands need to be careful navigating their way through the app, they should definitely be on it and trying to get as many followers as possible, so they do not miss the Gen Z boat.