Why you should engage with Influencers this Black Friday!

As we approach the final quarter of the year, it’s time for us to brace ourselves for the biggest sale season. Amidst endless sale dates such as 11/11, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the list goes on.

With Social media being the biggest platform with the highest consumer conversion rate,  using influencers will boost your brand awareness and elevate sales during this massive upcoming sales period.

Shift in retail

Since the pandemic, most stores have shifted to focus on their digital presence. It’s safe to say that all businesses are looking forward to these online sale dates to attract more customers with their best deal!

Discount codes and early access

Utilising influencers is perfect for two reasons: discount codes & early access. By providing influencers unique discount codes brands are able to increase sales, encourage purchases, and most importantly drive conversion! Additionally, early access links given to consumers will create hype. All this buzz will encourage consumers to purchase their favourite products before they sell out!

Product reviews

Generally, consumers prefer to purchase from brands with positive reviews and now with the addition of the persuasion from social media influencers and brands have got themselves the secret to sales. By engaging Influencers, it encourages their loyal audiences to check out the brand’s products over competitors. 


Let’s admit it, we all love an unboxing video. Ever since YouTube, followers have been obsessed with watching influencers unbox their favourite brand’s products. Such videos help to highlight the product packaging and branding. Moreover, it usually acts as a little sneak peek for followers and drives excitement!


 By adding a tutorial element to an Influencer’s post, followers are able to relate to the event and use the product in the way that was presented. It’s often educational and does a better job in reaching the consumers’ touchpoints as opposed to traditional advertisements.

Influencers do the creative testing for you

A study conducted by GlobalWebIndex found that 49% of UK and 53% of US consumers are now converting through social platforms. Given that user-generated content such as influencer content is so effective, businesses can use macro-influencers creative content to drive their paid social ads for maximum impact during the period!


Why use an influencer marketing agency?

Engaging with an influencer marketing agency like Indie Collaborates will take the headache out of the whole process. Many marketers don’t know where to start nor have the time to do the leg work. We research the perfect influencers for your brand, product, and campaign’s needs and streamline everything for you. We know how to approach the sales pipeline and can work closely with brands to come up with the best strategy. 

If you want to use influencers during this busy sales period, get in touch with us and let us help you plan your campaigns.