Instagram is ditching “Swipe Up” links & what this means for influencers and businesses

By now, you may have already noticed that your favourite influencer has been using a new sticker on their Instagram stories that leads you to an external site. 

Instagram, is currently in the process of retiring the swipe-up link function. This rollout started on the 30th of August, and some KOLs have already had the function disappear here in Singapore. 

The swipe-up link feature will be replaced with a link sticker, which is exactly as it sounds, a clickable sticker on the story that takes people to the external website. So not to worry, you can still click through to an external website from IG stories, it is just done now via a sticker tap rather than the swipe up.



The good news is that it gives our favourite brands and influencers more creative control! Much like poll, question, and location stickers, you can change the style, the size and place it wherever you want. 

Additionally, without the swipe uplinks at the bottom of the interface now, you can finally respond to the story! Making it ideal for businesses and KOLs to collect feedback.

If you’re still unsure as to how your business can benefit from the link stickers, feel free to contact us and we’re more than happy to help 😉