COVID-19 has shaken up every industry imaginable – marketing is no exception. We’re here to give you the lowdown on the impact the pandemic has left and how to continue post-pandemic!

Moving online was unavoidable with the various lockdowns and the closing of borders during the pandemic. 2020 has forced everyone to think differently. It’s shown us the potential of going digital, and the importance of keeping up with larger societal trends.

Brands have moved towards digital rather than physical marketing, with the surge in usage of digital platforms. Furthermore, pressure has been put on brands to uphold various social values, with crises such as a climate emergency in New Zealand, and the biggest racial justice movement since the 1960s.

Being stuck at home does affect us emotionally. Consumers indicated that they prefer to see positive messages that give them a semblance of normalcy. Still, many find using humour in marketing campaigns inappropriate.

Additionally, brand loyalty has been affected. Consumers are spending more time online, and are thus being swarmed with a greater variety of ads. Companies must change their strategies so they don’t lose their customers.

These trends have paved the way for influencer marketing. Spending in the industry has risen significantly! Engaging an influencer who holds the values your brand aims to emphasise portrays an image of social responsibility, while tapping into their large follower base.

Brand loyalty can also be generated through this less conventional form of word-of-mouth marketing. Influencers can help to promote loyalty programs. Alternatively, UGC campaigns  and giveaways can also be organised to achieve that goal.

Though 2020 is coming to an end, many of these changes in consumer behaviour are here to stay! Brands must push on and make the shift as soon as they can. Or else, they will get left behind.