“That Chick from MTV Asia”

Presenter, emcee, radio host, model, podcaster – the list doesn’t end. A modern woman of many talents, Hanli (@hanlihoefer) is a force to be reckoned with. An established media personality, she is known for her bold personality and her authenticity as a person, as well has her being a real pleasure to collaborate with.

With the successful launch of her podcast ‘Just So We’re Clear’, we sat down with Hanli to find out how she’s been doing. Read on to know more about her and to find out what she’s been up to!

1. What made you decide to get into being an influencer?

When I started working in the media industry as a TV presenter for MTV Asia I used social media to support my main career. Over time, as my profile grew, I realized that beyond my role as a host I really enjoyed creating content and sharing more about myself and my thoughts online in a more intimate way with my audience.

2. What do you most love to post about?

I put a lot of thought into my captions as I use them to provoke thought and connection. I enjoy posting about mental health, travel, beauty, wellness and self love. 

3. Who is your top favourite celebrity that you have interviewed?

I was partially star struck by Charlize Theron! She has the most regal presence and she is just so incredibly beautiful.

4. What have you been up to these past few months (i.e. Circuit Breaker, Phase 2)?

I’m so proud to announce that I have successfully launched a podcast! It’s called ‘Just So We’re Clear’ hosted by myself and my good friend Marissa Trew. This is a bit of a passion project for us as Marissa and I love promoting open thought conversation. We touch on all sorts of topics from womanhood, mental health, society, sexuality and sometimes just plain and simple unfiltered talk about our personal life. Even though we only launched it 8 months ago we’ve had really encouraging feedback from our listeners.

5. What is your most important travel essential?

An eye mask, quality travel pillow and ear buds. Noisy airplane? Loud hotel neighbours? Whirring ac units in the air bnb? Uncomfortable trains? Block it out! I’m a bit of a sleeping beauty when it comes to how many hours I need a night so I value quality sleep! I also have a pillow spray from This Works that I use on any foreign pillow. 

6. How do you stay motivated?

I know what I want. I have long term goals. I do a lot of vision work where I journal and envision the type of future I want and who I want to be. Motivation comes in waves and so I try not to beat myself up when I’m in a low motivation mood. As long as I can remind myself what I’m working towards I always find a way to get back on track. Motivation only works if you have something to work toward.

7. Who’s your biggest style icon?

I take style influence from everywhere and my personal style is ever evolving. I feel like I’m the type of chick that can wear mom jeans and a baggy t-shirt one day, a flowy floral sundress the next, a matching blazer and trouser look another day and even a sultry little black dress some days. It truly depends where I am in the world and what mood I’m in. 

Hanli Hoefer

8. Which is your most special tattoo?

I love the lines on my right wrist. I have 11 rings that look like a bracelet from far. I’ve never seen it on anyone else making it super unique. Also I feel like it’s taken on many meanings throughout my life.. It’s everchanging.