10 Kid Influencers To Keep A Lookout For!

Happy Children’s Day to all the little kiddos and youths out there! We have had the privilege to work with kids and their parents for many campaigns over the years. Here’s some that we would love to celebrate this Children’s Day! 

1. @Bongqiuqiu and her #QiuGang (@meregoround, @ame1iaon and @mr.oliverse)

2. Nurul Aini (@aanurul) and her 3 superstars, Shane Han, Shaista Eman and Shania Eva

3. Cynthia (@_mrschia_)’s adorable kids, Sophie, Charlotte and Alastair

4. Mommy Angel (@angel_bibe) and her 2 little angels, JuJu and YuanXi

5. Beatrice (@beatriceleesn) and her little munchkin, Robyn

6. @Diviannair’s adorable newborn, Isla

7. Estee (@esteezaki)’s sweethearts, Maya and Isaac

8. Sheiryn (@aisiqa) and her princess, Ayva

9. Jeslyyn (@jeslyyntengycl93) and her sweethearts, Zane and Zabel

10. Manting (@hongkongmomslife)’s adorable Christian and Milan