Debunking These 6 Social Media Algorithm Hacks

Debunking These 6 Social Media Algorithm Hacks

We’re debunking these 6 social media algorithm hacks for you. When it comes to navigating the social media space, tips and tricks to maximize your engagement and reach can be handy. However, how many of these are truly worth their mile? 


#1 Engage For 15 Minutes Before Posting

Like all the comments on your previous post and reply to unanswered comments. Scroll on your home feed and interact with other accounts. 

Myth or Truth: The algorithm looks at how recently and regularly you have interacted with the interface. However, this does not only have to be 15 minutes before or after you post but instead a continuous practice. Keep a check on any comments that are pending replies or continue to refresh and engage with home feed content regularly.  


#2 Share Your Post After It’s Live

Share your newest post on your story and to other accounts via DMs. 

Myth or Truth: The algorithm looks at the popularity of the post and if it manages to generate engagement within a short amount of time. Hence, sharing your post widely increases the chances of it reaching accounts and being interacted with. With Instagram’s 60-second story feature, now you can share an entire reel which gives you uninterrupted time to increase your content visibility. 


#3 Post Everyday

Posting daily and even 2-3 times within a day can augment your reach. 

Myth or Truth: Although it is good to churn out content regularly, you must have heard of the phrase quality over quantity. The key here is ‘regularly’ in order for the algorithm to take note of your pace and push content out accordingly. 


#4 Use Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are tools that help bucket your content into strategic topic pillars that can help users find your posts more easily when they make a search.  

Myth or Truth: It helps with indexing which is basically linking your content to research keywords that are connected to the hashtags fed by you. With more and more people using social media as their search engine for product recommendations, hashtags streamline these searches. 


#5 Post At Key Timings

Use your profile audience data to look for key posting dates and timings when your audiences are most active and likely to reach your post.

Myth or Truth: Make use of the insights that your social media apps collect for you in order to better understand your audience habits and engagement times. For Instagram go to > settings > insights > overview/total followers > scroll to view audience statistics, including their most active times


#6 Pin Comments 

Pin comments that increase your credibility as a creator or answer a pertinent question that can educate your followers. 

Myth or Truth: Pinning helps you acknowledge your audience’s thoughts and conversations. Pinned comments drive attention to certain ideas expressed by the commenters, that you feel resonate well with your post.


Watch this Space..

We hope that debunking these 6 social media algorithm hacks will help you optimise your social media use. Follow us for more if you want to optimise your engagement and visibility.