5 Latest Instagram Updates that puts Businesses on the Grandstand

Instagram Updates for businesses

Instagram has undergone many new updates and its latest features have vastly impacted businesses and content creators. Hop on these new features and don’t let these engagement opportunities go to waste! 

Here are 5 updates you need to take note of: 

1) See you later, Instagram videos! Reels and videos have now merged…

As of August 2022, Instagram Reels have merged with videos and now can play for up to 90 seconds. With Instagram’s new algorithm, video content has the best chance of reaching more people and new audiences. This longer format Reel allows brands to communicate effectively to their audience without rushing through content.

 2) Save time, editing Reels is now easier for creators!

Creating video content can be daunting, but with Reel templates and effects, it provides content creators more inspiration to experiment. Furthermore, it helps creators save time and concentrate on connecting with their audience. Reels even have auto-captions now (previously limited to IG stories) to increase accessibility and convenience to users worldwide and they are searchable.

3) Start having a little more fun with your Instagram posts

One way is through Photo Remix, which allows users to use Instagram posts to create collaborative Instagram Reels adding their own commentary. It also allows users to attach photos or videos to someone else’s content, encouraging brands to collaborate with one another. This is perfect for amplifying that ever important reach. Users can even have a bit of fun with this new feature by adding stickers, polls, and texts to their content.

4) The latest hit – We can now publish a 60 second Instagram Story, hooray!

This wonderful feature was launched just last month, Instagram stories now hold so much more power and storytelling ability! Previously, it was only 15 seconds max per story but now it’s 60 seconds! This gives more uninterrupted time for businesses and brands to increase their brand visibility.

5) Shop In-chat

Launched in the US in July 2022, this feature allows users to make payments directly from the Instagram app and provides the necessary support. That’s not all, it even allows businesses to reach out to more customers by opening another platform providing a point of contact. The ability to pay for products in chat means that businesses can easily convert curious shoppers’ questions and concerns into purchases. This allows for a more personalized experience where businesses could give direct recommendations. 

Who doesn’t want a much more convenient and faster way of checking out? A win-win situation always makes both sides satisfied and we can’t wait for its roll-out in Singapore!


There are so many new updates to Instagram that are being announced weekly. Other updates to keep an eye out for include scheduling posts on the app and the launch of creator profiles. If this seems a little overwhelming, please feel free to reach out to us to see how we can best incorporate and utilize the platforms’ new features in your influencer marketing campaign