5 Women Influencers Who Stand For A Cause

5 Women Influencers Who Stand For A Cause

This International Women’s Day we are sharing with you some leading women in the Singapore influencer sphere who inspire entrepreneurial action, wellbeing and personal development. These are the 5 women influencers who stand for a cause.

#1 Hanli Hoefer

As an established media personality, Hanli uses her influencer and podcasting platforms to share her deep interest in mental health awareness. 

In her podcast, “Just So We’re Clear”, she speaks about wellbeing issues that affect every modern woman and also organizes inner session seminars as a safe space for women to speak openly about their situation. 

With sensitive topics like womanhood, mental health and society rarely discussed in the public sphere, Hanli has managed to bring them into the light and create a more inclusive space for discussion. 
5 Women Influencers Who Stand For A Cause


#2 Tabitha Nauser

Tabitha documented her pregnancy journey so candidly and was able to confidently share it with the rest of the world, to inspire other working young moms just like her. 

Pregnancy is a celebrated period in a woman’s life, however, we rarely talk about or embrace the transformations that occur to our bodies during this time. 

Consequently, Tabitha showed that pregnant women do not need to feel insecure about showing off their bump. She spread body positivity and encouraged all her pregnant followers to take pictures of their pregnancy. As she called it “be extra!!! Be loud and proud.

5 Women Influencers Who Stand For A Cause


#3 Velda Tan 

Along with being a mom of two and crafting a promising entrepreneurial trajectory for herself in the fashion space, Velda organizes support groups with a mission to aid fertility-challenged women as well as those who have suffered miscarriages, educating them and uplifting their confidence about assisted reproductive technology. 

Although she was hesitant on sharing something so personal and raw about her own journey, Velda tenderly expressed a listening ear to her audiences going through a similar experience. 


#4 Yu Jun Yap

Yu Jun has been battling stage 4 cancer while bravely sharing about it online via her page, with a goal to urge the importance and understanding of early detection. 

She talked about her diagnosis story that started with a lump on her neck. She strongly encourages her audiences to avoid ignoring any symptoms and instead, seeking medical advice as soon as possible. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. 

5 Women Influencers Who Stand For A Cause


#5 Chrysan Lee 

With a major in psychology, Chrysan can be seen as a mentor and best friend to her followers as she guides them on their wellness and confidence journey while they navigate through their youth years. 

She publicly talked about online harms, bullying and overcoming suicidal thoughts to help some of her followers find light at the end of the tunnel and know that they are not the only ones going through this. 

Her educational background and conviction to talk about these issues that Singaporeans face, have built her credibility over time for her followers to get inspired and listen to her advice. 

Get Inspired! 

Here was our rundown of 5 women influencers who stand for a cause. Want to view more inspiring stories?

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