Top 10 Businesswomen in Singapore to follow on Instagram

Every March, we celebrate International Women’s Day to recognise and uplift the strong women in our community. This year’s theme is “choose to challenge”, as a result here is a list of businesswomen in Singapore who had to break the gender bias to succeed. These are the top 10 businesswomen you should be following on Instagram.

1. Dr Ayesha Khanna

Dr Ayesha Khanna tops this list due to her immense passion for tech evident across her Instagram feed. Ayesha is the CEO of ADDO AI, an Artificial Intelligence solutions firm and the founder of 21C Girls. This Singapore based charity teaches girls coding and AI. She’s an inspiration to girls and women globally to embrace our AI and Tech field opportunities.

2. Leanne Robers

Leanne is the Co-Founder of She Loves Tech, the world’s largest startup competition and accelerator program for women-led and women-impact tech startups. She is a role model for Singaporean women who want to explore the tech industry and believe in women technologists and leaders in the next generation.

3.  Rachel Lim

Rachel is the co-founder of the local fashion brand Love, Bonito. What started out as a high school hustle is now a multimillion-dollar business. She believes that it is the power of self-confidence that leads to one’s personal success.

4. Jaelle Ang

Jaelle is the co-founder and CEO of The Great Room offices, a co-working space for instant working space solution. She often encourages women to go out there and find their own #seatatthetable.

5. Ankiti Bose

Ankiti is the co-founder of Zilingo, a technology and e-commerce platform that is close to a valuation of $970 million. She encourages women to seek out opportunities to grow as she feels that more recognition is needed for the work women do.

6. Pat law

Pat is the founder and CEO of goodstuph, a top advertising media agency in Singapore. She shares stories of the workshops that she often mentors and encourages her followers to join them.

7. Tjin Lee

Tjin Lee is the founder of an award-winning Public Relations Agency in Singapore, Mecury. She is also the co-founder of the Creating Responsible, Innovative Businesses (CRIB), a community that uplifts and empowers other women’s entrepreneurship dreams.

8. Ming bridges

Ming Bridges is the CEO of Rentadella, a dress renting service in Singapore. She is known for encouraging and promoting body positivity on Instagram, helping women build confidence.

9. Velda tan 

Velda is the founder of Collate the label and Our Second Nature, both homegrown fashion labels in Singapore. As an initial founding member of Bonitochico, Velda branched out to begin her own ready-to-wear fashion line and remains an inspiration to numerous girls with similar dreams.

10. Sabrina Tan

The founder and CEO of homegrown skincare brand, SkinInc. Sabrina strongly believes in wanting to break the glass ceiling for Asian women.