2022 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Know!

The past few years saw a surge in the influencer marketing industry. With a projected $15 billion market share this year, we have compiled our expertise and distilled the essential points for you and companies to take note in 2022. 

Here’s something to keep an eye out for!

1. TikTok Influencers Taking a Larger Bite of the Marketing Pie

As the hottest new social media platform, TikTok is the next step in your marketing strategy. Content creators on TikTok boast high engagement rates and the virality factor appeals to a broader audience. Embracing a cross-channel approach will be imperative for the future of Influencer Marketing. 

2. #Real: Choosing Authenticity over Perfection

Gone are the days when viewers were enticed by filters and Photoshop graphics. Authentic and genuine material that speaks to all individuals is here to fill in the gaps. Let go of the idea that finding influencers with the “perfect” aesthetic is necessary. As an alternative, pay attention to the content creators who build genuine connections with their audience and deliver high-quality, authentic content. Partner with influencers that are #Real!

(Credit: Sasha Pallari)

3. More focus will be on Micro and Nano Influencers

It’s expected that micro-influencers will grow in importance. Their viewers are more engaged and eager to take action, despite their smaller following. Nano and Micro influencers have incredibly niche communities brands can tap into, making their product recommendations seem like they’re coming from a friend or trusted confidante. With their authentic content and higher engagement levels, we expect to see a boom in micro and nano influencers this year.

4. Stronger Emphasis Placed on Diversity and Inclusion

It’s not simply platitudes in 2022: diversity, equality, and inclusion will be the norm. Industry standards are being re-established and the evolving company culture will emphasize inclusion and eliminate any remnants of exclusivity. Consumers and influencers alike are creating more inclusive spaces for brands to hop on board.

5. Social Commerce Will be a Huge Factor in Influencer marketing 

Social media platforms are making in-app shopping easier, including more points where an influencer can direct their followers to “shop this look.” Social commerce will be a big trend for 2022 and will be incorporated into influencer marketing campaigns, as brands continue to look for seamless ways for their consumers to discover and purchase items immediately. 

6. Steady Shift from Text to Audio and Video Content

Video has a higher rate of interaction than images. Ad clicks and conversions are more likely to occur since they urge viewers to pause and focus on the information, while pictures are passively consumed. 

7. More Ongoing Partnerships & Collaborations

This trend has already started to occur during 2021 and we predict it’ll continue in 2022! Influencers will be looking to work with brands on a more regular basis rather than a one-off post or video. Brand-influencer relationships will be more genuine as a result of the partnership, and the influencer will have more opportunities to tell the full story of the brand or product as a whole. Long-term commitment benefits both parties involved. It not only strengthens the influencer’s relationship with their followers but also increases their credibility. Plus, it’ll drive sales!

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