Circuit Breaking With The IC Community

We’re not going to lie, circuit breaking, safe social distancing and isolating have left us feeling a little disconnected from the world. We are missing our daily catch ups at work and to be honest, as much as we love our children, we are ready for school to resume so life can continue on with some sort of normality.  Clearly we understand why these rules are in place and the importance of flattening the curve.  However, it doesn’t mean that we don’t miss our daily connections.

This is why we thought we would introduce a series of QnA’s with our IC community.  We miss our regular conversations with them and thought many of our clients and followers would be interested in finding out how they have been coping, what they have been up to and what they are grateful for during this period of social isolation.  To kick this series off, we have shared Ben Toh, Bertilla Wong, Cloe Mak and Jamie Yeo’s circuit breaking mini interviews.  For a more in-depth look into what the IC community have been up to, click through to our Instagram highlight reel here

Ben Toh is Grateful For…

Ben Toh
Ben Toh is grateful for…. Circuit Breaker. Covid-19

What are the top 3 things that you are most grateful for during this period?

  1. Being able to spend quality time with my family 
  2. More time to pick up new skills and hobbies
  3. See new perspectives on issues we would not normally have looked at


Your whole family has been getting into Tik Tok recently. What do your parents think about it?

They are very open and curious about how it would turn out initially. They love it so far and are always rewatching the TikTok videos that we made together.

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Bertilla Wong is Grateful For…

Bertilla Wong
What she is grateful for during the Circuit Breaker. Covid-19.

What are the top 3 things you are most grateful for during the Circuit Breaker: 

  1. Spending time with my family + husband 
  2. More rest at home 
  3. Picking up new skills like baking and cooking 


This period has definitely made me re-evaluate the freedom we had before this, how easy it was to meet friends, buy food and necessities, and taking things for granted! Even though it is a tough time now, it is necessary for us to overcome it and together we will come through stronger after this!

Bertilla Wong’s Instagram

Cloe Mak’s New Hobby During the Circuit Breaker is…?

Cloe Mak
Circuit Breaker activity. Covid-19

This circuit breaker, I have discovered a hobby I never knew I had and I’m glad I found my circle of friends who share the same artistic flair as me, FaceTiming and painting together.

There’s always something very calming about painting. Painting is a great therapeutic approach that you can use in your daily life to not only kill boredom, but keep the stress levels at bay. 

I have no particular favorite piece, but I must say I definitely enjoy painting skies and clouds! ✨

Cloe Mak’s Instagram

How is Jamie Yeo Juggling Work, Kids and Circuit Breaker…?

Jamie Yeo and her beautiful family
Breaking the Circuit. Covid-19

How are you juggling work and family during the Circuit Breaker?

Trying to do the best I can! We’ve bought toys, books and activities to keep them engaged while we work. We let them watch TV or go on the iPad regularly as well, especially when we need to have some peace and quiet. Sometimes we take them for a car ride when the adults need to get groceries or nice coffee. And when we’re not working, we play with them or take them for a short walk in the nearby park. 

We see you homeschooling Aly, any advice for parents? 

I’m lucky that both Aly’s school and the learning centre (The Learning Lab) she goes to are very “on the ball” with home-based learning. Aly’s school teachers go online with them every day at different times and even takes attendance. We try to teach her independence so at the start of home based learning (HBL), we downloaded all the different apps she needs for it and taught her how to get on the various websites. So she has been independently going online herself every day to class and doing the various homework herself. It’s not perfect because I do get emails from her teachers telling me she hasn’t done some online assignments but we’re working on it 🙂

Having a 3-year-old at home all day must be hard! Where is the first place you will visit when this is all over? 

The first place I will take Luke to is his preschool the moment he can go! Haha! He misses school and his teachers, and I miss having the mornings to myself haha!

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