Evoke an Emotional Response Through Influencer Marketing

3 beautiful photos of a woman
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3 beautiful photos of a woman

Your emotions play a big role in influencing your decisions.

For us, it means building a relationship directly with the consumer by appealing to their aspirations and emotional needs.

It is a strategy that needs to be authentic and powerful. In order to get the right emotional response from your target audience, utilize Influencer Marketing to create the right effect:

1. Be Inspirational

Every day, people jump on the gram to be inspired. They don’t want to see another #sponsoredad pushed down their throat, aka Andrew Pap’s sponsored engagement announcement, so disguise your advert through a trusted influencer and do just that – trust the influencer!

Give the influencer your brief but allow them the freedom to play with image direction and captions. Every influencer has their own tone of voice, coming back with too many edits may take away the authenticity of their message.

The influencer knows their audience best, they have a deep understanding of what works for their feed so work in collaboration.

When done right, the results are truly aspirational.

2. Create A Desire

Have you ever scrolled down your feed and suddenly stopped at a post and said “ooooooh I want that so bad!” Of course you have, we all have.

What makes a post so desirable is the creative process behind the scenes. Don’t be afraid to ask the influencer for their input in the creative brief. Get them to pitch their idea to you. And be sure to give them enough time to plan a shoot that will have consumers swooning in their designer boots. Yep – that means cutting out the “we need this by tomorrow” demands.

The best performing posts are often the most relaxed ones.

3. Pull on The Heart Strings

A great example of emotional marketing is the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. Women all over the world felt the impact of that campaign due to Dove using real women as opposed to models which was relatable and authentic.

Collaborate with an Influencer who reflects the same values as you, perhaps you have a charity in common or want to run a campaign for mums, even pets can bring a certain warmth to a post. Whatever it is, every Influencer has a passion and a story, they are more than just walking advertisements.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to us and ask for something specific or outside the box, you may be pleasantly surprised.

4. Build a Relationship

Influencer Marketing is like dating; you have to be consistent with your efforts in order to build a long-term connection.

We find the most successful campaigns are run over a 6-12 month period creating a calendar of posts with the one Influencer. This builds trust and creates an interest in the product. So, the next time a consumer walks into Sephora and is overwhelmed by choice, they will seek out what they have seen their ‘girl-crush’ using.

Yep – we like to think of ourselves as the ultimate match-maker. The Tinder of Influencer Marketing, no need to swipe right though, just follow this link to get in touch and we will hook you up for an optimum Influencer Marketing collaboration.