Here’s Your Q4 Marketing Marvel Catch Up

Here’s Your Q4 Marketing Marvel Catch Up

Business tycoon and Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, once said “content is king.” But we all know that even kings have limited reigns, just like marketing trends. 

Just imagine if we had to keep track of every trend that has surfaced. And what about those that are yet to become the next sensations? How can we even foresee them? The list would be countless! 

But we are going to give it a try. We’ve seen influencer marketing trends come and go, fade and reappear over the first half of the year. It’s time to do a quick recap on them. 

Marketing AKA Buzz

The World Advertising Research Centre (WARC) found that “the most effective ads, all over the world, no longer look like ads.” 

Over the years, the concept of marketing has shifted from traditional tactics like hard selling and text overload to organic user generated content (UGC) and visual overload. 

These evolutions in marketing are linked to our transforming audience needs. With several screens, platforms and content types focused on gaining our attention, we have developed shorter attention spans. 

In fact, the average human attention span is now less than 8 seconds. Which is why visual and storytelling tactics are effective in capturing attention easily without audiences taking too much effort and time or getting bored. 

Here’s Your Q4 Marketing Marvel Catch Up

Times Square’s Digital Billboards Strive To Grab Passerbyers’ Attention

However, even the type of imagery and audio that we use on our social media content has differing impacts for different audiences. This is why it is crucial to know your audience’s needs and define your campaign impact or objective. 

Hi Barbie! Case Study

WARC’s study went on to say that “the top campaigns frequently used fame-building tactics” such as sociability, spin, salience and spectacle. 

These fame-building methods are explicitly evident in, for instance, the new Barbie Movie’s marketing strategies. With a line-up of several brand collaborations in various categories such as beauty, fashion, retail, food & beverage, tech, leisure, etc,. 

The marvel — audiences knew about the movie several months before its release even without knowing what the movie is about! This eventually built anticipation and thus, excitement to urge maximum viewership. 

Sociability – Several brand collabs emphasize the importance of participating in the Barbie trend. More than the actual products, these brands sell the idea of being part of the social in-the-know just by purchasing the product. We all have a FOMO (fear of missing out) and brands are leveraging this.

Here’s Your Q4 Marketing Marvel Catch Up

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Salience – The mention of the Barbie Movie is everywhere – in our YouTube ads, while we scroll on TikTok in trending audios and on posters of our favorite malls. This causes easy recall which helps audiences buy into the idea that now that they’ve experienced snippets of the movie, they would develop an urge to see the entire movie too. Smart move there, Barbie marketing team! 

Spectacle – Engaging iconic pop and R&B singers like Dua Lipa and Nicki Minaj to create catchy songs. Let’s face it, we’ve heard their promotions on Spotify everytime the ad strikes. In fact, the latter singer’s ‘Barbie World’ song with Ice Spice has made it to the Top 10 Songs Chart within a month of streaming. 

What’s Next?

We know it can get hard when it comes to conceptualizing a content brief for your campaigns. With our years of excellence in campaign management, we’ve executed and birthed content that truly captures the audiences’ attention while retaining it. 

Plan your creative campaign briefs with us today!