2021: Trends to Keep an Eye on

2021 is a brand-new start! We’re excited to see what’s in store, but we’re also setting some expectations for the year ahead. As such, we’ve pulled together a brief overview of 2021 trends that we’re looking out for. Here are some of the marketing trends we’re looking out for!

As mentioned previously, there has been a rush to go digital. With the pandemic still around, these changes are likely to become permanent. E-commerce is now an integral part of every brand’s business model.

Instagram’s introduction of the Shop tab to its home screen shows how intertwined online shopping is with our daily lives. Short form video platform, TikTok is also evolving, as they partner with Shopify to enter the world of commerce. These changes in user interfaces have made social media prime channels for direct purchases, rather than just discovery.

Customer retention via social media platforms will also be a top priority for many brands. As people spend large amounts of time browsing the web, they are exposed to more products, brands and organisations. This should be complemented with upholding social values, for customers are becoming pickier about the brands they support, based on the causes they stand for.

Keep these 2021 trends in mind as you set goals while planning your campaigns in the year ahead. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the new year!