2024 Gen Z Trends

2024 Instagram Gen Z Trends On The Horizon

Gen Zs are churning social media trends faster than a flash. And we’re excited to reveal what they have on the horizon in 2024 for Instagram. 

From the nostalgic yearbook photos to the viral Hailey Bieber strawberry makeup to the “He’s Just a Ken” trend, 2023 was surely eventful and a memorable year of trends. 

As witnessed, trends are not only inspired by tech changes, but are increasingly inspired by pop culture and social influences as well as key influencers who help Gen Zs discover new ideas, products and brands on social media. 

Hence, we can say that Gen Z trends will be more than just passing tides in 2024. Instead, they are crucial cultural, political, commercial or even historical fabrics that shape our society. 

2024 Instagram Gen Z Trends On The Horizon

@haileybieber Strawberry Girl Summer Makeup 

Keeping up with trends is as important as keeping up with the world around you. So without further ado, let’s get you kept up!


Social Media Trends

Nowadays, Instagram has introduced so many new features as ways for its audiences to interact with one another. 

In 2022, it introduced the heart icon function on stories for users to show their appreciation of content that really resonates with them. 

Recently, it introduced notes where users can pen their daily thoughts, emojis or even share music, to increase user activity and engagement. What’s more? You can now double tap on a note to like it!

What this all adds up to ultimately, is the demand for more interaction and engagement with each other’s content, ideas and profiles. Gen Zs want to forge more meaningful connections via social media and these new functions help them do just the same. 

We’re keeping a look out for more Instagram feature updates, are you? 


Fashion & Beauty Trends

82% of Gen Zs express their concern for the environment. These intensifying dialogues on climate change push for more sustainable and conscious everyday living. 

Trends like #CapsuleWardrobe or #Thrifting will shed light into the versatility of vintage clothing and further the importance of green fashion. 

In beauty, we’ve seen more and more Gen Zs questioning traditional and judgemental norms that suppress individuals. It is no longer about forming fixed beauty standards but breaking-free from them and embracing one’s individuality

Even world-famous brands like Rare Beauty, owned by popular singer and actress, Selena Gomez, are making a statement in their product ranges to embrace inner beauty and simplicity with a “You glow, girl” mantra.  

2024 Instagram Gen Z Trends On The Horizon

Brand @rarebeauty bringing confidence to the table 


Lifestyle Trends

#WorkOnYourself and #GrowthEra have made quite the rounds, except with the new year on the rise, these will take full form in 2024’s resolutions. 

As a diverse bunch of individuals, Gen Zs are not only witty and adaptive but also emotional and empathetic. They look for constant motivation doses on social media, whether it be for career, friendship or relationship goals. 

And what better than an Instagram reel, that is the most effective content type for storytelling and emotional impact

All in all, Gen Zs’ top priority is to safeguard their emotional and physical well-being. #KeepCalmAndMoveOn !


Taking A Stand Trends

With global issues and tensions on the rise, Instagram is a popular open forum for activism

More and more Gen Zs follow figures that take a stand for a movement. Whether it has been posting plain black squares on the feed to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement or talking about our lifestyle impacts on climate change. 

Not taking a stand on social media is now as good as supporting the alleged oppressing party for Gen Zs. Thus, we can see more voices, including celebrities and influencers, sharing their stance on global situations. Even though this may result in more noise and even more polarization of views, the impact is yet to be felt.


All caught up?

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