Content Ideas For Beauty & Fashion Influencers (Pt. 1)

Need some ideas for a campaign coming up soon but running out of inspiration? Let us help you influencers brainstorm trendy beauty and fashion content that is set to impress.

The cosmetics and styling spaces are evolving with new tips and hacks discovered everyday. We’ve compiled the top trends you must try for your next post!

#Get Ready With Me

The #GRWM hashtag is one of the most searched on TikTok, with more than 107 billion views worldwide. Here you can feature your skincare, makeup, or styling routine to add a slice of life to your content. 

These videos are informational as they show your audiences how to apply a certain product or style a drop dead gorgeous #ootd. They are also relaxing to watch as they introduce a whiff of candidness during the process. 

Remember to make your GRWM videos as authentic as possible by mirroring your daily routine because it’s the effort that matters now more than the end look! 

content for beauty and fashion influencers #Get Ready With Me

Source: @bellywellyjelly

#Fashion Hauls

Several fashion brands kick off the new seasons with summer, spring or winter collections. H&M recently released its lightwear Linen Staples for the humid summer heat and MANGO initiated its spring-summer Changing Landscapes collection, to name a few. 

The essence of this type of video is to display your inner fashionista with your unique styling showcases. It’s about how you wear or accessorize to gain those complimentary eyes! 

The best part is that you get to dress up in several outfits and even better, embrace how your body looks in these fits which is utterly self-empowering. 

content for beauty and fashion influencers #Fashion Hauls

Source: @xianwenpoops

#Makeup Tutorial

These videos are for those days when you absolutely cherish your makeup and want to share your love for it! Who doesn’t love a step-by-step tutorial on how to perfect eyeliner wings or overline lips to give them a healthy plumping effect. 

Currently, the no makeup makeup look is trending. More and more people seek for their makeup application to be effective yet effortless for everyday wear. 

The reason why these tutorial videos are so popular is because they showcase a certain hack or way of defining a facial aspect. For instance, TikTok’s viral contour-jawline hack helps create a sharp jawline look in only a few steps. 

content for beauty and fashion influencers #Makeup Tutorial

Source: @atiqadar

Hooked onto these trends already? Then you should definitely give them a go. And psst! Stay tuned for part 2 of beauty/fashion content for influencers coming around the block soon.