Lemon8: The Emerging Platform

Lemon8: The Emerging Platform

Lemon8 is increasingly emerging as a popular platform amongst Gen Zs because of its unique personalisation and search engine features.

Owned by ByteDance, the app was first launched in 2020. It is now available for download in the United States, United Kingdom as well as Asian markets like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore.

It works on a search-specific basis where users can look up  niche genres like beauty, fashion, pets, travel, product recommendations, food, fitness and lifestyle information.  

Its unique in-app fonts, frames, filters, and stickers suite allows creators to edit and stylise their photos and videos. This is what makes the content on Lemon8 so personable and different from other platforms. It is common for picture posts to have texts embedded in them, in order to make posts more detailed with personal reviews and recommendations. This is a feature which even Instagram and TikTok falter to offer yet. 

Lemon8: The Emerging Platform

Lemon8 Post From Our Colgate Campaign (@yuqingleme)

Want to know how to accelerate your content on the app? We’ve gathered some must-know tips & tricks from our Lemon8 creators: 

🖼️ Content Type: static carousell posts are effective for content to be swiped through and also enable a better reading of the caption.


📖 Post Title: interesting clickbaits like “CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THIS”, “YOU NEED THIS” or intriguing cliff hangers like “THIS HAPPENED TO ME?” attract reader attention. 


❗Less Hard Sell More Personable: promotional content leads to limited reach and interest. Instead, viewers appreciate informational or educational posts that value add to their lives so that they can take away something useful from them. 


💬 Caption: keep within 150-250 words to fit best within the screen. Find a good balance between making it bite-size and informational at the same time. 


🔎 Hashtags: sort your post into specific topic buckets to better guide search engine results and viewers to your content. 


Don’t stop here, stay tuned with us for more updates on Lemon8!