Threads: Meta’s New App Causes A Stir And Here’s Why

Threads: Meta’s New App Causes A Stir And Here’s Why

Instagram has been constantly upgrading itself to stay relevant to creators’ needs and push for more content on the platform. However, this time Meta’s new app, Threads causes a stir. It has declared a virtual war with Twitter post its launch and here’s why. 

Clash Of The Titans

It all started with the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for Threads to become the next big public conversations app, aiming for more than 1 billion users on it. 

Zuckerberg continued emphasizing that Twitter, owned by Elon Musk and Threads’ biggest rival app, failed to nail this opportunity. Thus, causing a heated discussion on the effectiveness of Twitter and the possible dilution of its popularity. 

Some quote the Musk-Zuckerberg clash as the biggest fight ever in the history of social media, with several memes that take a tig at both sides. 

The fight between the tech titans proves one thing – it’s that social media has the power to create heated debates while giving a chance for everyone to watch, co-create and participate. 

Threads: Meta’s New App Causes A Stir And Here’s Why Clash Of The Titans

Source: Cheong, 2023

Features & Algorithm

What implications does this have for everyday users, creators, and influencers? 

Well, first off the over 2 billion users on Instagram do not need to start from scratch to make their Threads account. This is because Meta has purposefully enabled users to link their Instagram account to their Threads account for an easy cross-platform adoption. 

What this also means is that content can easily be shared and reposted between the two Meta platforms. Kudos to this move! 

Users can post their thoughts, images with their thoughts, and reply to or repost content on Threads. Some other features that are similar to Instagram are controlling your account privacy status, who can mention your account, and hiding likes. 

Something unique about Threads that we noticed was that the home feed is more general algorithm-based unlike Instagram where you can see posts specifically made by who you follow. 

We found this feature interesting because it opens worldviews into what others outside of just your following circle are talking about. But, what do you think of it? 

Something else we noticed is that users cannot save or share threads unlike Instagram which means that once you scroll by a thread, it is potentially lost. We’re hoping the algorithms develop further to incorporate these features too!

Did we miss any features?  

Looking Ahead  

Threads poses new opportunities for more dynamic and intimate conversations between influencers and their followers. This time the focus is not solely on images but on words due to the text-centric nature of this platform. 

While it allows for more productive dialogues around the latest topics or even life in general, some users warn about its dangers of opinion polarization and information overload. 

As consumers of this app, we all have a responsibility to strike a balance between fostering meaningful discussions and respecting others’ views no matter how diverse they are. 

In the meanwhile, if you haven’t already, follow us on Threads and hit us up with your thoughts on influencer marketing, content creation or anything related! 

Threads: Meta’s New App Causes A Stir And Here’s Why Looking Ahead

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